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GURPS: Monster Hunters of Baltimore High

Arrangør: Magnus Ulstein

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GURPS: Monster Hunters of Baltimore High

Officially, the city Baltimore was burnt down by a terrorist firebombing campaign in the early nineties and has been rebuilt in the decades since as a symbol of American defiance. In actuality, the city was destroyed by a demonic incursion. And the shiny new skyscrapers, monorail, and high tech gadgets do little to hide the poverty, corruption, and anger which made the city such a hotbed for cultists in the first place.

The forces of darkness want to destroy the city again, because they can’t let their greatest victory be presented as a symbol of human progress. A group of ridiculously competent students with more than a little supernatural support are currently all that stands in their way. Assuming they manage to avoid detention this week.

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